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Regulations Eternia Networks

The Administrators regulation will arise for the support of all of us as users, as well as to make the bans carried out by the Administrators transparent, and thus avoid a constant growth of spam in the forum and in the game support email: support@eternia-mu .com, by users who lack knowledge of the rules on the server, it should be noted that the regulation takes effect from the date of publication in the forum and will be followed by all users of the Eternia MU, as well as its future amendments. that you can be added.

Remember, ignoring the regulation does not deprive you of the need to abide by it.


1.- Failure of a Complaint: When an ADMINISTRATOR performs a ban within his response to the post, he must specify the following:

* The Banned Character's Name
• Reason for which the ban is credited
• Time specified in days or, if applicable, months that the ban will last to pay its lack of regulation.

NOTE: The ADMINISTRATOR has to make sure to close the post, this to avoid spam after the sentence is given. The fouls are not negotiable, you have to abide by the times assigned to you unless there is an error from some ADMINISTRATOR who takes his own criteria or has paid for his disbandment, in this case it will also be analyzed if the disbandment by that instance is possible.

2.- Time limit for a complaint: All Users have a maximum of 7 days to make their complaint in the forum and upload the image after the act they consider illegal was carried out, after this time, it is not considered within the margin of complaints.

3.- Complaints of MSN talks: It is strictly forbidden to post to report a User where the reason appears in a chat on MSN. We establish the following reasons:

• Being a text file, the conversation is 100% editable.
• The name of the PC does not appear in an MSN chat, which is essential for a ban.
• Many times the msn account does not correspond to the account that is registered on the Eternia MU server.

In this case, the person who does so will be given a wake-up call in the forum, and in case of a repeat offense, he will be banned from the forum. There is no in-game punishment for the person who commits an infraction to the point in question. Respect yourselves, don't tarnish your **** for things that are not 100% verifiable.

4.- Edited images: The image must not bring any alteration through editing, it must be taken with the IMP PANT key and look for it in the game's installation folder. In case of being edited you will see 2 options:

• If the edition is only to point out something in the image, cover a name or a conversation, it will not be considered as proof of an illegal act and the original will be requested to be uploaded without alterations.
• If the edition is to harm the user who is being denounced, this is understood as a change of words and other issues that directly influence the result of the failure, it will be considered as a lack of respect towards the ADMINISTRATORS and the User himself and the character uploading the photo will be credited to 7 days of ban and in case of recidivism it will be 15 days. In this case, if necessary, the image will be analyzed to see if it has not been edited by software other than that specified in the image tags.

5.- Prohibited Programs: The Use of Hack Tools or programs that alter the operation of the game, whether to the disadvantage or detriment (moral or material damage) of the Eternia MU server; they are completely prohibited, and the corresponding sanction is 1 year, permanent ban of the account or in your case your account can be put up for sale; depends on the severity of the Fault; It will be determined if you can pay your fine through Credits.
The only Administrators to do this type of ban are the General Administrators, who will determine both the sanction and whether or not you can recover your account; In this type of hack ban, they can be complaints that can be sent to the email, it is not necessary to post them to the forum.

In order to make this point more understood, the use of programs that alter speed, character attributes, that enable the theft of items through trade, duplication of items, these as examples without saying that they are the only types of programs are prohibited let them be banned.
They are also informed that not for the fact that they proceed to the use of the hack will any type of complaints proceed, they must be conclusive evidence, such as videos, confessions of the same user, images; this is because many times it can be a bug or lag from the same server. Said tests will be graded by various staff members to see their veracity and be different points of view.
Any person who makes a false complaint, edited or in his case is only with the intention of harming will earn a ban, being at the discretion of the administrators.

6.- Sale of Programs: The sale of security programs in the previous point on the Server is prohibited, it is a serious breach of the integrity of the server, as well as its rection, therefore the character will be punished with a permanent prohibition or in its case, sale of the same account, leaving the administrator's discretion if he could recover his account through credits. It is worth mentioning that if another character is found doing this and it is found that in the same account there is a character banned for this same reason, the account in question will be banned indefinitely.

7.- Offensive Language: The use of inappropriate, offensive, racist, religious languages that discriminate and degrade the person, that is content alluding to drugs; alcohol and sex are considered punishable or their use in Eternia Mu will not be allowed. Penalties range from 3 to 6 days depending on the severity; same that will be at the consideration of the Administrator. It can be considered a minor ban if it is only a warning or greater if the fault is too serious for the moral good of the users. Non-complete words or phrases will also be taken into account, as well as those broken by dots or other symbols so that they pass the filter that has the / post command of the MU.

8.- PK on the Free PVP and VIPS Servers: All the calls for Harassment Complaints are excluded; or death (PK) in any of the maps of the PVP Servers; Both in Free Servers and in VIP Servers, likewise, all the complaints denounced as "Angry Character", Harassment, Spot Theft, Do not let me down; etc.

9.- Theft and loss of Items: Reports related to the theft of accounts; theft, scam or fraud of Items, pieces etc; they are considered solely and exclusively the responsibility of the user; and they are considered IMPROCEDENTS, without replacement of items:

• The use of the trade hack by logic is prohibited, since in that case it would not even be the responsibility of the loser of the items, here they are asked to always take a photo before canceling or accepting the trade with the items already ready to negotiate. and immediately afterwards check their inventory to see if they follow their items or were traded normally, in this case there will only be 1 minute difference, which is enough time between images, to also avoid probable acts of bad faith.

Therefore all those players; they are highly recommended; avoid handing over your belongings; pieces or items; to third parties; with the promise that they will be improved on VIP servers.

10.- Promotion of other Servers: Promote other Games similar to Eternia Mu of the same MU Online line or other MMORPG games, either within the Game or in the forum, it is considered a serious offense and the sanction is the 1-year ban of the character; account sale.
Cable clarify that if they will steal your account and promote your server and show strong evidence that shows that you were not the cause, the sanction can be reduced or, in your case, payment of Credits for your disbandment.

Appointment of Games similar to Eternia Mu of the same online MU Line or others, will also be considered Spam and reason for a serious sanction.

11.- Account loss or account theft: At this point, people who exist on the page are reminded of the way to reset their password, taking into account that Eternia MU is not responsible for any item on the server or full lost or deleted character in the period that the account is not in the hands of the owner user. Remembering that for Eternia MU there is only one real owner of the server login account, which is the owner of the email that appears linked to the specific account.

It is also recalled that it is forbidden for their own safety to donate, give away, change, loan or sell an account of Eternia MU, they are asked not to agree to lend or keep an account with which they do not have control in case of losing their password, that is, they cannot reset it because they do not have access to the email specified in the account. If there is a complaint, the person who accepted the account will be banned and put up for sale. For people who clandestinely purchased an account, they are reminded that it is strictly prohibited, and that at this point passwords will not be recovered. The only way to make the account change legal is for the owner to speak to the general administrators in due course so that he can decide if the owner change is made and change the email address to the specified one, previously making a donation to the server.

After an account is lost, and it is shown that the User of the account is not the original user, for no reason the email of the account will be changed, since it will be taken as a clandestine purchase of the account, being able to remain permanently and set for sale .
For more information about mail change, you can send an email to where you will be informed of what is necessary to change it. This does not mean that all accounts proceed to change mail, it is a procedure to follow and if they do not prove to be the holders, such change will be denied.
In case of account theft, as already mentioned above, items or full sets are left without guarantee, likewise when the account is stolen, the VIP days if they have them, will remain in the same account (they cannot be transferred to another bill)

12.- Interruption of events: When a character in the realization of an event makes constant comments by / post expressing criticism about the event; interrupted more than 5 continuous times; and even even when the ADMINISTRATOR has made a call for attention; will be reason for the disconnection of the character; persistence is considered HARASSMENT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR and will be sanctioned for a maximum of 6 days for the free server and a maximum of 3 days for the VIP server.

13.- Insults to the ADMINISTRATORS: All those offenses against the Administrators or Moderators; as well as against the Staff and the Eternia MU platform; they are considered as offensive language so the sanctions should be solely and exclusively at the discretion of the ADMINISTRATORS.

14.- Fake ADMINISTRATORS: It is strongly forbidden to pose as ADMINISTRATORS and take advantage of the game. Remember that the names of the ADMINISTRATORS are published on the page of, only they are the administrators of this server. Remembering Azeroth only gave a character as ADMINISTRATOR, and when the person is not with that character, he does not have the attributes of being. In the event that a character says that he is ADMINISTRATOR, he will be sanctioned from 1 month to a year depending on the offense committed. It is worth mentioning that if another character is found doing this and it is found that a character banned for this same reason is found in the same account, the account in question will be banned indefinitely.

15.- Ban from the ADMINISTRATOR without image in forum: The Administrators are people in whom the trust of the Server has been deposited; reason why the players will not have to question the disciplinary measures that they carry out; since their actions are solely to maintain the well-being of the game, holding events and managing the forum; as well as the monitoring of the rules of conduct and the application of corresponding sanctions.

Therefore, it will not be necessary for the Administrators to upload the images to the forum of the sanctions carried out; since with this we avoid saturating the forum with unnecessary images; however, they must remain as long as possible with the Administrator; so that in case the player is a repeat offender, a stricter disciplinary sanction is applied.

And only those images of true serious cases will be sent to the ADMINISTRATOR (those in which the image due to its inappropriate content cannot be published and may offend children and ladies, as well as images of Hacking actions or that put the integrity of the Eternia Mu System).

16.- Denouncing an ADMINISTRATOR: When a complaint is made against any of the Administrators of Eternia MU; they must carry out the corresponding posting of the image showing the fault committed; It should be noted that said image must be in original without editing or deletion of the person (s) involved, date and server where the fault was made; the sanction will be subject to the criteria of Azeroth (Maximum Authority of Eternia MU). Those whistleblowers who DEFAME the Administrators or intend to cheat through tricks and manipulations of the information will be SANCTIONED with BANKING from 1 Month, 6 Months until the final deletion of the account depending on the severity of the fault.

17.- Items and full set without Warranty: This warranty will NO longer be made, the main reason that most of you are lost is due to the carelessness of the users themselves.

18.- Unforeseen cases: Any case not contemplated in these regulations that harms both users and the honorability of the Eternia MU, may be analyzed by any ADMINISTRATOR, being in extreme cases Azeroth directly who has to make a decision on the case contemplated.

The present regulation was created with the purpose that the USERS have the security that they are playing in a 100% healthy environment, and that the ADMINISTRATORS help so that this continues, with the sole intention that the Eternia MU continues to be one of the best international servers.

19.- AutoGens ~ AutoWar: It is totally forbidden to make any type of alteration of the Score in both Gens and War, the Character will be banned permanently in either case.

20.- Characters with Prohibited Names: Character Names (Pj's) with sexual and explicit content or that have sexual connotations are totally Prohibited, these will be banned Permanently.

Donations made to the server are non-refundable. It should be noted that we ONLY accept donations made voluntarily by the account user. All donation amounts have their own WCoin rewards for contributing to server maintenance with your monthly expenses.
Any donation made is NOT refundable under ANY circumstance.
Whether you donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still the same as any other player who has not donated and you will receive the same kind of support.
There will be no distinction between players. This means that whether the players are donors or not, the treatment will be the same.
If the rules are broken, donors can also be banned like any player. It should be noted: if there are violations of the rules, donors may be banned.
If for any reason a donor is banned, all items on their account (s) will be blocked along with the account. Nor will it be returned to you under any circumstances.
EterniaMU administration does not issue refunds for any digital products and services once the order is shipped.
The return of a donated amount will only be made after proof, by the APPLICANT, that the SERVER has not delivered what was requested, keep in mind that the only thing that is purchased with the dynations is the currency called WCoin. Except on this occasion, there are no other possibilities where the return of the donated amount is possible. Attempting to make a fake donation or cancel after thanking will result in permanent account ban.


The Administrative Staff of Eternia MU.
(You are reminded that this regulation may have reforms, depending on the needs that arise for the server.)

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