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Forum Regulation

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Forum Regulations

This regulation was made for the support of users, to make the bans on the forum transparent, and to avoid the growth of spam. Said regulation is effective as of the date of publication and will be accepted by the users of Eternia Networks as well as its future amendments that may be added.

Not knowing the regulation does not deprive of the need to abide by it.



Point 1.-

Avoid spam:

* Messages without content or contribution.
* Topics without content to "reserve" future comments or contributions (open the topic from a specific contribution).
* Use any section of the site as if it were a CHAT. (Forums, profiles, social groups, blogs, etc).
* Unreadable spelling and / or grammatical messages.
* Repeated messages (Multiposting) in various forums or forum topics.
* Unauthorized Advertising. Eg: Advertise other forums, or leave messages for advertising purposes without having been expressly authorized by the Site Administration.

Point 1bis.

A flood consists of sending a lot of information in a short time to someone to try to saturate them. You can commit 2 types of flood, in the Chat and in the Forum.
In the chat it is considered FLOOD to send information or messages in a continuous way in order to saturate or prevent a free and correct use of the chat. It must be emphasized that this is at the discretion of the Moderator, since it can be done in many ways, so the following sanction process will be taken into account and applied in case the user does not allow the chat to be used in order it has the same.

1st. The user will be warned to do so in order to communicate that it is punishable.
2nd. If you continue, you will receive a violation and you will be banned from the chat box for 2 days as a warning.
In case of recidivism, the sanction can be increased from 3 to 10 days and so on. Until you achieve the ban of the account.

Flood in the forum: It is considered the same when writing meaningless messages for different purposes, such as ranking in the forum. This same proceeds to ban after 2 warnings. In case of restart, you will receive a ban from the forum account from 3 to 7 days, depending on the severity of the infraction.
It is worth clarifying that users who use "ghost" accounts in order to self-thank are considered an infraction.

Point 2.-

Avoid Lack of Respect:

* Unnecessarily risque or exceeding vocabulary messages.
* Obscene and / or vulgar.
* Trolling (disrespectful disguised), messages with an irritating, hurtful, insulting and / or disrespectful purpose. (*)
* Cloning (more than one account per user in order to promote confusion or evade sanctions)
* Discredit campaigns, defamation, threats, discrimination, or messages with the aim of harming a person.
* It is not allowed to publish private data of third parties (cell phone, email, msn, address, identity document, etc.) without your express consent.
* Publish material from other authors without their consent and without properly citing the source of the published material.
* Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination.

Point 2bis.

It is strictly forbidden to respond in this Sector since it is a sector only for ADM'S and in its case MOD'S of the forum.

The only users who can answer a Complaint are the Complainant and the Complainant in case he wants to offer an apology. Responding unnecessarily in this section is taken as Spam, a Warning will be given (it can be a 1-day ban at the discretion of the MOD or ADM) if the sanction is repeated, it will be 3 days ban on the forum. If the user insists on not accepting this rule, the sanction will be increased according to the Moderator's criteria.

I update this part of the regulation so as to remind Users who are NOT a Complainant and Reported to NOT comment on Complaints. This section is only for COMPLAINED COMPLAINERS or MODERATORS or ADMINISTRATORS.

Point 3.-

How to create a complaint:
Users who go to upload a report are asked to follow the following steps to speed up and facilitate the work of ADM'S:
* Title: (name of the character they denounce and the offense committed) example: "Jullo22 using offensive language"
* Development: how the events occurred as objectively as possible, example: "While I was devia 3, user Jullo22 insulted me for not leaving the spot, which he argues was from before.
* Important fact: it is absolutely necessary that there is proof of what happened (image) with the corresponding date, other witnesses will not be taken into account, such image cannot be edited.
It is worth clarifying this since complaints that do not contain evidence will be deleted so as not to generate spam.

Point 3bis.

It is strictly forbidden to respond in this sector since it is a sector only for ADM'S and in its case MOD'S of the forum.
The only users who can answer a complaint are the complainant and the accused in case he wants to offer an apology. Responding unnecessarily in this section is taken as spam, they will be given a warning if they repeat the sanction, it will be 3 days ban on the forum. If the user insists on not accepting this rule, the sanction will be increased at the discretion of the Moderator.

Point 4.-

Those users who post the same or very similar to others already discussed previously, will be taken as spam, will be deleted. In case of recidivism, you will be given a warning, if you continue you will receive a ban of 3 days in the forum.
It will also be taken as spam to “devalue” the topic of discussion. For example, if there is a question about donations and a user "X" leaves a message saying: BUY S3 FROM BM. Thus, he would be exposing a totally different topic to the one of discussion. First, your comment will be deleted and will be violated, if you insist, you will receive a 3-day ban from the forum.

Point 5.-

It is established that when "reviving" old topics (by reviving we mean posting on a topic that has not been active for 1 month), in case of doing so, it will be taken as spam, which will be warned with an infringement. In case of a repeat offense, they will proceed to the forum for 3 days.
It is worth clarifying that in case it is necessary to “revive” the issue, it will not be considered an infraction.

Point 6.-

Any post of profit is completely prohibited, it is understood by profit that the one who is posting who wants to receive an economic benefit, therefore, commerce that involves an economic remuneration in real money is prohibited and will be punished with an account Ban.

Point 7.-

Both in the chat of the forum and in the content of a post we must maintain education when referring to other users, since any derogatory or malicious reference to another will be taken as "inappropriate vocabulary" and will proceed to the sanction of ban from From 7 days onwards, depending on the severity of the fault, it can be a total ban on the account.

Point 7bis.

All those offenses against administrators or moderators are taken as "serious misconduct" and will therefore be left to their discretion.

Point 8.-

Reporting to an Administrator / Moderator:
Regarding this, I make reference to the regulation point of the Server: When a complaint is made against any of the Administrators or Moderators of Héroes Networks; they must carry out the corresponding posting of the image showing the fault committed; It should be noted that said image must be in original without edition or deletion of the person (s) involved and the date where the fault was made; the sanction will be subject to the criteria of Azeroth (Maximum Authority of Eternia MU). Those whistleblowers who DEFAM the Administrators and / or Moderators and intend to cheat through tricks and manipulations of the information will be SANCTIONED with BANKING from 1 Month, 6 Months until the final deletion of the account depending on the severity of the fault.

Point 9.-

Any advertising content that refers to other Servers of the same line of Eternia Online or another MORRPG game, will be sanctioned with the permanent ban of the account, it is worth noting that the mention of a Server (either referring badly to this) is taken anyway as advertising and in this case it will be given from 3 months onwards.

Point 10.-

Advertising of Erotic content:
Reference is made to this in cases such as, links to pages with Gore content or advertising thereof. In these cases the sanction is the permanent ban of the account.

Point 11.-

Posts or references are prohibited (understand this by any example reference: in the signature) to pages where you can supposedly get "easy money" since most of these pages are fraudulent, in this way we take care of the well-being of forum users. The sanction for this lack will be a ban on the 7-day account and the "proof" will be deleted. In case of reoffending, a ban of 15 days on the forum.

Point 12.-

All the events carried out by the users will be posted in the section of exchanges of articles and / or commerce. In case of being posted in another sector, they will be moved by the forum moderators.
It is worth clarifying that it is your responsibility to participate in such events, the Staff of Eternia Mu is not made under any
point responsible for the development and / or consequences thereof.

Point 13.-

The only costs to give prices in the DONATIONS sector are the MODERATORS and / or ADMINISTRATORS. Any user who violates this rule will be announced only twice, then the forum account will be banned with the sum of 3 days ban on the forum. In case of repeating the same posture, you will be violated each time you click with the double penalty of the previous time, up to the total of the account.
I highlight the last rule cited, that the staff is not responsible for the users who take into account the prices given by the users, since they are not corroborated by the staff.

Point 14.-

Rules for the correct use of the article exchange and / or commerce sector:

* For those who want to sell or buy when making the item, they must specify what they want for the item or what they give for it, example:
I sell semi full titan helmet = 1500 sing or willing to negotiate
(When negotiating this, it will be done via private message so as not to fill the topic with unnecessary posts)

* For those who answered the topic interested in an item.
if the item is not negotiable, it will require putting something like this:
I am interested in the helmet I pay you the 1500 sings (with the desire to separate the item) (the conflict method to be discussed must be done via private message in case the seller agrees to the seller).

The other user can offer more for the item in question (auction), in this case it is allowed to compete for the item until reaching an agreement.
The owner of the topic must update the post, removing the items he has sold from the list so as to only leave the items missing by seller.
Topics that will be used by the Moderator / ADM as spam ... will be deleted.
It is allowed to relive the themes 1 time every 3 days.
When everything in the subject is sold or the user has not revived in a maximum period of 1 month. This will be closed or deleted.
Items older than one month of inactivity will be deleted.

In case of infringing the rules, 2 warnings will be made, in case of infringing it again, it will be banned for a period of 3 days. It is worth noting that it will increase as it continues without abiding by the rules.

Point 15.-

Signature format.
- The maximum corresponding to the size of the images allowed in the signature is 500 x 300.
- The font size should not distort the appearance of the forum.
- For no reason should a signature contain more than 2 images.
- In case of multiple images, the sum of the dimensions of the images should not exceed 500x300 pixels. Not passing in the sum of the images the margin of dimensions allowed does not exempt compliance with the previous point.
- No signature should contain more than 5 lines of text in the event that the signature is pure text, in case of carrying an image, only 1 line of text is allowed to accompany said image. In case of being pure text, this text must not exceed 300 pixels "high" that an image will use.

Contents of the Firm.
- No signature should have erotic or violent content in any of its forms. At this point, messages or images with Gore content are considered violent.
- Advertising or links from other pages other than the Héroes Mu server are not allowed.
- Sexual, homophobic, xenophobic or racist messages are not allowed. Also any message that morally damages the integrity of a member of the community.
- Insulting messages of offensive or insane criticism of any Eternia mu staff are strictly prohibited.

Signature Format.
In the case of signature formats there will be several penalties depending on the case:

* The first sanction is to delete the signature and an infringement will be left to the account that owns it.
* If you re-offend you will be given a second fine, the signature and Ban will be deleted for 1 week.
* In case of further recidivism, the days of punishment will be increased by 15, 30, 60 and Ban.

Note: A violation must be left so that the other moderators or administrators know what level of recidivism the account is at.
Signature Content.
In the case of the content of the signatures, the content of the same will be left in consideration of the Moderator or Administrator to give a ruling as to the number of days convenient for the Ban, which can range from the 1-day ban to the ban permanent. Also be allowed to leave a violation so that the other moderators know in case there is a recidivism. In the case of content sanctions, it is not only necessary to delete the signature, it must be fulfilled with at least one Ban day. Recidivism is also punished in a similar way to format penalties.
In the case of advertising to other pages, the minimum Ban will be 3 days in increment, and in case it is advertising or links to other pages of games of the same genre as Eternia mu., The ban will be permanent.

Point 16.-

Any video, image, link, among others, that cites scenes or violent acts, is prohibited in order to maintain the general well-being of the users of the forum. It will proceed to eliminate it and then ban the user for a period of 7 days onwards.

Point 17.-

The sale of Hack Tools or programs that alter the operation of the game is prohibited, it is a serious breach of the integrity of the server, as well as its rep.utation, therefore the character will be punished with 1 year of Ban. It is worth mentioning that if another character is found doing this and in the same account there is a character banned for this same reason, the account in question will be banned indefinitely.

Point 18.-

It is also recalled that it is forbidden for their own safety to donate, give away, change, loan or sell an account of MU Eternia, they are asked not to accept to lend or keep an account with which they do not have control in case of losing their password, that is, they cannot reset it because they do not have access to the email specified in the account. In case of a complaint, the one who accepted the account will have a penalty equal to 50% of that provided by the account. For people who clandestinely purchased an account, they are reminded that it is strictly prohibited, and that at this point passwords will not be recovered. The only way to make the account change legal is for the owner to speak to Azeroth in due course so that he can decide if the owner change is made and change the email address to the specified one, previously making a donation to the Server.
(Server regulation annex)

Point 19.-

Personifications. No clones, Do not try to impersonate another user or Forum Moderators / Administrators. That is, use a name similar to that user in order to cause harm to other users.

* About cloned accounts, banned, suspended, disabled, deleted.
* Clone accounts, accounts banned, suspended, deleted or disabled, "X" user is not allowed to create a similar one, it is understood that if the account was deleted it is due to or serious breach of the rules, not allowing its operation in the forum.
* It is not allowed to create more than one account for the same user within the forum. If a duplicate or CLON account is detected (even when it is not in use) it will be removed and its comments deleted.
* Cloning (more than one account per user in order to promote confusion or evade sanctions)

- It is worth clarifying that any infringement of medium severity from now on in the forum, can generate the ban of the account of the same in the game, the sanction varies according to the infraction committed. The latter is at the discretion of Azeroth, the highest authority of EterniaMu.

These regulations were created in order to help users and make the work of the administrators and moderators of the forum more transparent.


The Administrative Staff of Eternia Networks.
(They are reminded that this regulation may have reforms, according to the needs that arise for the forum.)

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